All human beings
are born free and
in dignity and

1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 1

11 April 2020 – 75th Anniversary
of the liberation of the
Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora concentration camps


Mittelbau-Dora Concentration Camp 1943-1945

Facts and figures

subterranean concentration camp until early summer 1944

tunnels totalling approx. 15 km in length

39 sub-camps

60,000 prisoners from more than 10 European countries

20,000 deaths

September 1943: 3,394 prisoners

March 1945: 38,678 prisoners

5,000 KZ forced labourers in the subterranean rocket production for the “Total War”

10 major building projects in Südharz in order to relocate arms production industry

January thru March 1945: Arrival of mass transports with 16,000 prisoners from the Auschwitz and Groß-Rosen concentration camps

Death march with approx. 40,000 prisoners early April 1945

3,300 SS-Guards, only 23 convicted post 1945